Director: Karthik Subbaraj • Music: Santhosh Narayanan • Duration: 2 hrs 33 min 32 sec

The film delves deep into the familial relationships of three women - Ponni (Anjali), Yazhini (Kamaline Mukherjee) and Malar (Pooja Devariya), who plays a widow. While Yazhini is worried by her alcoholic husband Arul (played by SJ Suryah), Ponni's life is marred by the apathetic Michael (Vijay Sethupathi).

CBFC:U/A Actors: Anjali, Bobby Simha, Kamalini Mukherjee, Pooja Devariya, SJ Surya, Vijay Sethupathi Year: 2016

Member Reviews


    Nice movie

  • Venkat Balagurusamy

    Like a stroll in life exploring how emotions and rage can change life. Different exploration of problems in life different people can face in a connected family but takes a while to get into the story of the movie as there is no strong story line to latch onto.

  • Rajakili Suresh


  • muhilan mahalingam govindaraj

    Bold attempt !!
    2016-07-31 13:19:22:

  • Madhumitha Iyer

    horrible movie, would have given negative stars if I could!

  • Venkat Krishnan

    Good Movie. Reflects reality of life in Tamizhnadu.
    2017-12-29 19:03:48:
    Good Movie. Reflects reality of life in Tamizhnadu.

  • Ramesh Ramalingam

    I wonder How Tentkotta does not notice the stupid audio that plays continuously in the background. Two stupid audio playing in the background while playing the movie is ridiculous. I wish this problem gets corrected soon.
    2017-12-28 00:58:38:
    who the hell wants your audio before even start a movie?

  • R Manian

    loosu paya

  • Bala Mannangatti

    2017-05-26 21:41:15:

  • Praveen Kumar Devaraj Praveen Kumar Devaraj

    2017-03-26 04:08:25:

  • English karan

    2016-10-31 21:01:26:

  • Rebecca Solomon

    Brilliant storytelling, the allegories is the movie are stunning. The movie has class and brings out the subtle emotions experienced in everyday life brilliantly.

  • alfred lucian

    what is the real meaning for this movie
    2016-09-19 13:54:14:
    story screen play editing acting including emotion but what is the final moral

  • Vivek Namboodiri Krishnan

    Very good movie.SJ suriya very good acting

  • Thames Harrison

    2016-08-25 20:57:03:

  • Jeevanandham Annamalai

    Good movie in an unique angle
    2016-08-02 00:05:46:
    Good movie in an unique angle

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