Director: Bala Pazhanisaamy • Music: • Duration: 2h 30m

Varmaa is a young surgeon with functioning alcoholism and a furious temper. He spirals into self-destruction when he learns that his girlfriend is marrying another man.

CBFC:U Actors: Dhruv Vikram,Megha-Chowdhury Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • Senthil Muthuvel

    Duration is incorrect. Actual Runtime: 1h 50min

  • Marie Therese Sangy Anandaraj

    nice movie

  • Baskar Innasi Arockiasamy

    kabir singh is good......this is not even close,...

  • Mahendran Arul

    Gives a misguided view to the youth of today about sex and relationships.. No matter how modern we are a girl should not be discussing her sex life with her parents .

  • Rajkumar Shanmugasundaram

    Good that this movie did not get release in theatres. Aditya varma much better version than this. If Easwari Rao is taking care of Megha, then why did not she tell that truth?

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