Kanni Madam

Director: Hari Sai • Music: Bose Venkat • Duration: 2h 12m

Kathir (Vishnu) and Malar (Chaya Devi), an intercaste couple, elope from Madurai and head to Chennai in fear that their parents won't give consent to their marriage. However, an unfortunate accident turns the life of Malar upside down.

CBFC:U/A Actors: Chaya Devi,Sreeram Karthik Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • sathyanath ramamoorthy

    very good movie. I wish Bose Venkat becomes a big director. and the hero and heroin of this movie are awesome acting guys. Wonderful job!! When these kind of movies are becoming hits tamil film industry will flourish. Tamilians will be honored by the world.

  • JOHN THOMAS Irudayaraj

    very nice movie .

  • Neel Valavan

    Superb movie and worth watching. The need of the hour movie.

  • Arulkanth Sreekumar

    2020-05-11 07:15:31:
    Excellent movie.. Wonderful direction and brilliant cinematography. The rest of the characters are adequate.worth to watch this film

  • Prabakaran Balasubramanian

    Movie doesnt set an example for the society. Start ok, marriage ends in tragedy, but she recovers. Horrible end.

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