Director: Jegan Rajshekar • Music: Naviin Ravindran • Duration: 1h 44m

When Adhiyamaan (Natty) learns about the intentions of ruthless gangster Marudhusingam (Lal), who is planning to abduct the former's kid to harvest his organs, the story shifts gears into a solid survival thriller set in the backdrop of a multi-storied apartment.

CBFC:U/A Actors: Natarajan Subramaniam,Ananya Year: 2020

Member Reviews


    Really enjoyed the movie. Ending was abrupt and contrived, but overall a good plot

  • Ramesh Ariyur Kandhasamy

    Good Movie..!

  • Muhammad Ikram

    2020-04-06 15:21:58:
    Good movie can watch

  • Vijay Chandar

    Dear Anitha, Do you know what screenplay mean? This is below average movie.

  • Anitha Rajasekaran

    Very good screen play,edge seat thriller must watch.. godfather making explanation paathen YouTubela...Vera level effort kudos to the tram

  • Panimozhi Gnanasekaran

    Great Movie.... Edge of the seat thriller. Love it


    Awesome movie ... All ages can watch this movie... One of the best movies till now in 2020

  • J Samuel

    2020-03-22 16:30:13:
    Superb thriller!

  • Sahayaraja Natasan

    Very Good movie ! Must watch !

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