Director: Mohan G • Music: Jubin • Duration: 2h 27m

Rudra Prabhakaran (Richard), a silambam teacher in a village, comes out of prison in bail for murdering his own wife and sister in the name of honour killing. Prabhakaran then again goes on a killing spree in Chennai after coming out of bail. What makes Prabhakaran a murderer?

CBFC:U/A Actors: Richard Rishi,Sheela Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • Parthiban Sinuvasan

    Good Movie , this will create a social awareness about fake marriage/fake marriage certificate , misusing the Marriage register office , How Gov personnel being misused for getting money etc Everyone should watch it.


    Nonsense movie,

  • Ramesh Kesavan

    Good one

  • Baskaran Kannusamy

    2020-03-22 20:17:57:

  • Harihar Athmanathan

    Excellent movie. Must watch once.


    Defintely worth watching ...Good Movie

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