Naan Sirithal

Director: Raana • Music: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi • Duration: 2h 06m

Naan Sirithaal revolves around Gandhi (Hip Hop Aadhi), who suffers from pseudobulbar affect, a condition that's characterized by episodes of sudden uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing or crying. How Gandhi gets trapped in between two ruthless group of gangsters forms the story.

CBFC:U Actors: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi,Iswarya Menon Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • Kala Subramaniam


  • Senthilkumar Kaliyaperumal

    Hilarious Comedy and good fun!

  • Senthil Sundararajan

    Nice message - well done.

  • Fussy Hunk

    Hilarious plot that ends with a message! Entertainer!

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