Adutha Saattai

Director: M Anbazhagan • Music: Justin Prabhakaran • Duration: 2h 07m

(Samuthirakani), a straight forward, sincere college professor, tries to empower his students and bring social change in the institution.

CBFC:U Actors: Athulya Ravi,Samuthirakani,Yuvan Firose Khan Year: 2020

Member Reviews

  • Sitharaman Trichy Ramasubramanian

    Very Nice

  • aumugam uthay

    nice film


    nice movie

  • Babu Amidaala

    Our mentality should change instead of accusing NEET why not our uplift our TN education system. Can we ask a simple question if all Govt schools are that great then why Govt employes , MLA, MPs are not joining their students in the Got schools. They just brainwash us by showing handful of examples like Mr. Sagayam (IAS) , Dr. Abdul Kalam etc among million people. If our students are not able to answer a neet question thats not the fault of Neet its fault of our education system.

  • Nesa Jos Britto

    Nice Movie

  • Lingam Subarajithan

    1 time good watch

  • Ramesh Sivaraman

    Nice movie. Thank the director for not incorporating stupid romantic songs and kuthu songs. should have avoided the fight scenes, completely unnecessary.

  • Ramesh Kesavan

    Nice. Interesting. Not a single time actual caste name was brought in the movie.

  • Kuhen Punnia moorthy

    Fantastic Movie!!!

  • lakshmi santhamoorthy

    Not good

  • anjaneya dirisala

    english subtitles not working. plese add english subtitles

  • Sivasubramaniam Kumaresan

    nice film, this kind of film need s for the country. Kumaresan

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