Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj • Music: Sam C S • Duration: 2h 18m

When a life-term prisoner (Dilli) comes out on parole to meet his 10-year-old daughter, Bejoy (Narain) an injured police officer, entrusts him with a highly risky job of saving the life of a few cops from a group of deadly gangsters.

CBFC:U Actors: Karthik Sivakumar,Narain Kumar Year: 2019

Member Reviews

  • Seetharaman Rajendran

    Kalakkal Movie...Script/Direction and Acting. Way better than big-budget movies without any stuff.

  • Ramesh Sivaraman

    This movie is like Bombay mail. Starts off slow, then goes a bit fast., then drags, and crashes at the end. Too far fetched movie., a single hero with multiple stab wounds to his back and broken head beating up 40+ people. Come on this is 21st century, have mercy on us please. If you have nothing at all in your life and have 3+ hours to spend., go ahead watch this. If not spend that time with your family.

  • radhakrishnan Velusamy

    2019-12-01 23:07:07:
    Good one.. Lokesh kanagaraj Fan

  • Sanjeevan Shannuganathan

    good movie

  • Sridhar Balasubramanian

    sema movie. extraordinary

  • vickram mathivanan

    subtitle upload pannunga tentkotta guys

  • Nesa Jos Britto

    2019-11-29 13:10:39:
    Nice Movie...Nice effort by Karthi..Good BGM

  • Nagesvaran Vathumalai

    great movie
    2019-11-29 09:04:10:
    great movie
    2019-11-29 09:04:11:
    great movie
    2019-11-29 09:04:12:
    great movie

  • Kanthasamy Soukadipan

    great movie, great emotion and great action.

  • Radhakrishnan Subramaniyan

    Great Movie with good script.

  • Pragadesh Gopalakrishnan

    2019-11-28 19:11:41:
    Good one

  • Ramkumar Dhanasekaran

    Very nice movie, kudos to Lokesh kanagaraj and his team. No one suits better than Karthik for this role


    Very good movie

  • siva ganesh

    THANKS TO THE TENTKOTTA TEAM FOR SUCH A GOOD FILM. 5***** I have never posted review about movies.

  • Rathnakumar Badhan

    2019-11-26 23:41:32:
    Well directed movie!

  • Shankar Rengaraj

    2019-11-26 18:47:43:

  • Peri Perinbam

    good movie

  • Rohit antony

    superb movie.. must watch

  • Suresh Krishnaswamy

    Very good movie. We wanted to see this over the Bigle which is a nonsense movie.

  • Mariya Duraisami

    Good movie.. Karthik Sivakumar always deliver the professional perfection.... Respect and good work :) Loved each and every minute of the movie...

  • Shriraam Sivakumaar

    Cinematic excellence is personified ! Pure Masterclass !

  • Mathiyalagan Sivagnanam

    One of the Best Action movie, Thanks for uploading quickly

  • Viknesh Krisnan

    Finest movie of 2019.

  • Eshwaraiah Jakkula

    Excellent plot, tight screenplay, awesome action sequences, emotional. BGM is the backbone.

  • Tentkotta Cinema

    Great movie experience after a long time. Without doubt movie of the decade !!

  • Sandya Krishna

    You want to get a tutorial on how to do a background score for a film, you would want to watch this film just for that. Phenomenal job by Sam CS. Lokesh Kanagaraj has enjoyed making the film and it shows! Must watch! (y)

  • suriyakumar a periyasamy

    2019-11-24 18:37:54:

  • anjaneya dirisala

    extraordinary movie.

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