Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj • Music: Sam C S • Duration: 2h 18m

When a life-term prisoner (Dilli) comes out on parole to meet his 10-year-old daughter, Bejoy (Narain) an injured police officer, entrusts him with a highly risky job of saving the life of a few cops from a group of deadly gangsters.

CBFC:U Actors: Karthik Sivakumar,Narain Kumar Year: 2019

Member Reviews

  • Manickarajah Mathuzoothanan

    claimax super Rock as RAMBO

  • Vivek Hari

    upload part 2 pls

  • Kala Subramaniam

    great and hilarious


    Fantastic Movie

  • Radhakrishnan Subramaniyan

    Great Movie with good script.

  • Nithuran Selvarajah

    Good movie, especially the visuals were appealing.

  • Siva Santhakumar

    Another masala. Tamil film industry lost the taste (trying to imitate holy wood)

  • Packiayaraj Navaratnarajah

    One of the best movie.

  • Amalraj Gnanasigamani

    Almost felt like watching a Hollywood movie. One of the best Tamil movies I have seen. Great job from the director. Not even one scene was boring. From the very first scene to the climax the movie is riding in top gear. Very hard to believe that this is the first movie of the director. MUST WATCH.

  • Muhammad Ikram

    Great Movie

  • Nagesvaran Vathumalai

    great movie
    2019-11-29 09:04:10:
    great movie
    2019-11-29 09:04:11:
    great movie
    2019-11-29 09:04:12:
    great movie
    2019-12-09 03:29:54:
    super movie

  • Kapilraj Parameswararajah

    Paakalaam. Waiting for the Part 2

  • Seetharaman Rajendran

    Kalakkal Movie...Script/Direction and Acting. Way better than big-budget movies without any stuff.

  • Ramesh Sivaraman

    This movie is like Bombay mail. Starts off slow, then goes a bit fast., then drags, and crashes at the end. Too far fetched movie., a single hero with multiple stab wounds to his back and broken head beating up 40+ people. Come on this is 21st century, have mercy on us please. If you have nothing at all in your life and have 3+ hours to spend., go ahead watch this. If not spend that time with your family.

  • radhakrishnan Velusamy

    2019-12-01 23:07:07:
    Good one.. Lokesh kanagaraj Fan

  • Sanjeevan Shanmuganathan

    good movie

  • Sridhar Balasubramanian

    sema movie. extraordinary

  • vickram mathivanan

    subtitle upload pannunga tentkotta guys

  • Nesa Jos Britto

    2019-11-29 13:10:39:
    Nice Movie...Nice effort by Karthi..Good BGM

  • Kanthasamy Soukadipan

    great movie, great emotion and great action.

  • Pragadesh Gopalakrishnan

    2019-11-28 19:11:41:
    Good one

  • Ramkumar Dhanasekaran

    Very nice movie, kudos to Lokesh kanagaraj and his team. No one suits better than Karthik for this role


    Very good movie

  • siva ganesh

    THANKS TO THE TENTKOTTA TEAM FOR SUCH A GOOD FILM. 5***** I have never posted review about movies.

  • Rathnakumar Badhan

    2019-11-26 23:41:32:
    Well directed movie!

  • Shankar Rengaraj

    2019-11-26 18:47:43:

  • Peri Perinbam

    good movie

  • Rohit antony

    superb movie.. must watch

  • Suresh Krishnaswamy

    Very good movie. We wanted to see this over the Bigle which is a nonsense movie.

  • Mariya Duraisami

    Good movie.. Karthik Sivakumar always deliver the professional perfection.... Respect and good work :) Loved each and every minute of the movie...

  • Shriraam Sivakumaar

    Cinematic excellence is personified ! Pure Masterclass !

  • Mathiyalagan Sivagnanam

    One of the Best Action movie, Thanks for uploading quickly

  • Viknesh Krisnan

    Finest movie of 2019.

  • Eshwaraiah Jakkula

    Excellent plot, tight screenplay, awesome action sequences, emotional. BGM is the backbone.

  • Tentkotta Cinema

    Great movie experience after a long time. Without doubt movie of the decade !!

  • Sandya Krishna

    You want to get a tutorial on how to do a background score for a film, you would want to watch this film just for that. Phenomenal job by Sam CS. Lokesh Kanagaraj has enjoyed making the film and it shows! Must watch! (y)

  • suriyakumar a periyasamy

    2019-11-24 18:37:54:

  • anjaneya dirisala

    extraordinary movie.

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