Director: IV Parthasarathy • Music: Shyam Mohan • Duration: 1h 53m

When Akilan Vishwanathan from the Crime Branch (Shaam) and Baskar from Cyber Crime (Srinath) head to Las Vegas for training, they lock horns with a psychopath who is on a murdering spree. Whether they nab the culprit or not forms the story.

CBFC:U Actors: Athmeeya Rajan,Shaam Ibrahim Year: 2019

Member Reviews

  • Radhakrishnan Subramaniyan

    Such a worst movie not sure how Shaam agreed to act and such a waste of time.

  • Kanthasamy Soukadipan

    nothing worth to see.

  • Thandavarajn Gopalakrishna Gopalakrishnan

    Script- Minus 50 Joke-Minus 50 Acting- Minus 50

  • Nesa Jos Britto

    Very Boring....Nice attempt to show Chennai Airport as Las Vegas Airport :-)

  • Narasimhan Vallur

    Nalla sotrya padu kevalama epadi edukarthunu intha padam partha theriyum.

  • Bharath Sampath

    2019-11-21 13:24:06:
    is -1 star not possible

  • Raymond Mariathas

    Police officers fucking NO car seatbelts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME WASTED

  • David Defined

    Poor cinematography

  • Bibin Paul


  • ruby Lawrence

    sema heroine thanda karumanthram

  • Manoranjan Julian

    Time wasted

  • Jeevan Mathi

    sema mokkai...

  • Lingam Subarajithan

    Mokkai GEEE

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