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Director: Anita Udeep • Music: Silambarasan • Duration: 2h 04m

When Rita (Oviya), an independent, progressive, and modern woman, moves into a new apartment, she befriends four women. How Rita's life and thoughts change the lives of the other four women forms the plot.

CBFC:A Actors: Oviya Year: 2019

Member Reviews

  • Jay Venkatachalam

    Worst movie ever seen. Disappointed this is coming from a women director. Disappointed Oviya did not have a clear understanding of what she is getting into. I wish Oivya and the Director act more responsible to portray reality

  • Raazesh Sainudiin

    there is hope... best movie in a decade!

  • Venkatesh Mohanarangan

    Nice entertainer

  • test test

    waste of time, very boring movie

  • anjaneya dirisala

    good entertain

  • Vepusan Theivendram

    Oviya’s most boldest movie attenpt ever !!! Loved it to the core !!! She has so mcih guts to take on a movie like that ! So proud to be part of her OviyaArmy !!! OviyaLover Forever !!!!

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