Pariyerum Perumal

Director: Mari Selvaraj • Music: Santhosh Narayanan • Duration: 2h 34m

The film revolves around the trials and tribulations of the lower-caste Pariyerum Perumal (Kathir), a timid law college student, who strikes a friendship with the effervescent Jothi Mahalakshmi (Ananthi), his upper-caste classmate.

CBFC:U Actors: Anandhi,Kathir L Kavin,Yogi Babu Year: 2018

Member Reviews

  • Senthilkumar Subramanian

    very good movie

  • Senthil Kumar Natarajan

    Nice movie

  • Manjunath Satyamurthy

    Bought this movie after watching the movie. Just so I can show my support to movies such as these. Its simply AMAZING. WOW !

  • Sridhar Visvanath

    2018-12-13 19:13:25:
    Beautiful and sensitive movie

  • Sivaprakash Mani

    Caste and Religion ruins the society. I feel like what would going to change if I comment like this? But.. the reality I always felt was rather than blaming politics and politicians, we as a human should feel others got the same life as ours. Until WE change.. nothing is gonna change..! The last dialogue in the movie says it..!

  • Balamurali Mani

    Such a great movie !! Must watch.

  • Ramesh Sivaraman

    Simply awesome.

  • Duraiswamy Sarvabhouman

    no matter how many movies with a great message gets released, as long as the tamil nadu political parties change nothing will improve. first get rid of reservation and then talk about equality. its been 30+ since we have had reservation and nothing has changed.

  • Suresh Kumar

    A Dare Director who talks take about Caste Discrimination

  • Mangal Thangaraju

    I echo another review comments about the scene where Pariyerum perusal is lying unconscious in train track with the dog running towards him, amazing scene and background score. Keep playing in my mind. Excellent movie overall.

  • ravi Ramamurthi

    Very good picture, bit slow,but good characters well conceived. Worth a National award for dealing with an important subject,direction and best actor, even music too

  • selvam Thatchanamoorthy

    2018-11-06 20:55:38:
    One of the realistic and impressive cinema...All the actors lived in this movie... The fight scenes are realistic. Recommend to all...

  • Senthil Kumar

    Awesome to watch..

  • John Pudota Pudota

    superb movie...

  • Karthik Radhakrishnan

    Very good movie. Good story, characters are awesome and is a different movie. one or two extreme scenes but a nice movie

  • Chithirai Ramapandi

    Wonderful movie after a long time....Amazing touch in the closing shot with flower in between.. :)

  • Vikraman Samuvel

    Excellent Movie....


    Sad to understand such social problems still exist.. wonderful movie !!

  • Palsamy Sakthikumar

    Great movie & direction,

  • Srinivasan sundaramurthy

    nice movie

  • Subramanian Arumugam

    Wow ! Really good movie. Santosh Narayan BGM was really good.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Good Movie

  • Mohamed Yusuf

    very nice movie

  • Alonely Lonely

    Good movie

  • Ram Soundararajan

    Fantastic movie! One of the best movies I have seen in a long time!

  • susu sasa

    No words!!

  • Jayavarma Subramaniam

    Excellent story-line and a movie

  • Mariya Duraisami

    2018-10-28 01:18:42:
    One of the best movie I have seen in recent times

  • Sivasubramaniam Kumaresan

    Excellent movie of portrait of Hypocracy of Tamilnadu.

  • Kala Subramaniam


  • Neel Valavan

    Wonderful film. Congratulations to the entire team of "Pariyerum Perumal". I wish, the director Mari Selvaraj, to do more successful films like this in his future film career too.

  • Jamshid Farook

    Real life....

  • Prabu Ruben

    Excellent attempt

  • Praveen Mohan PRAVEEN MOHAN

    2018-10-26 19:04:43:
    Outstanding movie!

  • Thomas Jenner Pulikotial Augustine

    Amazing movie!!!

  • Puvaneswaran Thiyagarajah

    Good Movie

  • Rajarajan Radhakrishnan

    This is truly a honest attempt to portray the perils of caste differences and how education could be the only solution. Standing ovation to the entire cast and crew and unbelievable presentation from a debutant director. Fantastic reference film for many years to come. Thanks for bringing this to Tentkotta! Such remarkable movies and movie makers should be encouraged!

  • Karthik Shanmugam Ponsundaram

    Education is the only way to improve the society thought process,film made from reality and awesome screenplay.good if people watch and realize the society we live in.

  • jalanthan deivendran

    one of the best movies so far in recent times.. hats off to the director & team...

  • Karunamoorthy Dhandapani

    Good Movie

  • Lingam Subarajithan

    That scene where Pariyerum Permal is lying on the train tracks and the dog comes running towards him... Hats off what a movie :)

  • Justin John

    What a movie. This should be dubbed/remade in all the languages.

  • Ravee Sundar

    What a depiction of social inequality. All students should see this and set the focus right to remove this social injustice.
    2018-10-25 23:10:03:
    What a depiction of social inequality. All students should see this and set the focus right to remove this social injustice.
    2018-10-25 23:10:04:
    What a depiction of social inequality. All students should see this and set the focus right to remove this social injustice.

  • Anbu Chinnathambi

    Awesome movie. Hats off to the director. We need to bring the social equality in the society. Nobody would have said better than this. Mari Selvaraj Congrats! I loved it.

  • Siva Chinnasamy

    One of the best movie I have seen in recent times.

  • Anand Narayanan

    Hats off to Mari Selvaraj..!!

  • Mohamed Khadar

    Nice Movie

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