Director: Ramana Madhesh • Music: Mervin Solomon • Duration: 2 hrs 22 mins

When Vaishnavi (Trisha), a renowned chef, goes to London with her team, she gets possessed by the evil spirit of Mohini (Trisha), who has scores to settle with her killers. How she gets rids of the spirit forms the plot.

CBFC:U Actors: Jacky Bhagnani, Trisha Krishnan Year: 2018

Member Reviews

  • Santhosh ShanmugaSundaram

    waste of time :(

  • Narasimhan Vallur

    Not only this is complete waste of time. But also try to brings logic to human sacrifice.


    Worst movie in the history of Tamil industry..Wasted 2 hours and more of my time Unnecessrily

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