Pallip Paruvathilae

Director: Vasudev Bhaskar • Music: Vijay Narayanan • Duration: 2 hrs 33 mins

When an unassuming, studious Kalai (Nandhan Ram) falls in love with his classmate Kani (Venba), doting daughter of Ponvannan, she gradually begins to reciprocate. However, when Ponvannan and Kani's uncle Venba rebel against the love, Kalai's life undergoes a series of twists and turns.

CBFC:U Actors: Nandhan Ram,Venba Year: 2018

Member Reviews

  • Vasanthi Rajamoorthi

    excellent lesson for the kids in school. very nice movie for reality check movie.

  • Chandra Sivalingam

    This is Reality. This is how a Real situation love story would be. Now I understood why K.S Ravikumar took a role in this movie. And the people who have left comments on this site, will not like this movie, as they want masala movie, where hero wins and their is a happy ending. Wake up people. All the actors have done a wonderful job not acting in this movie, but took the character inside them and played their role well. Congratulations TEAM.
    2018-05-17 21:28:48:
    Many People will UNLIKE my message, watch and see.

  • Velli Karuppanan

    These type of movies should be banned. This is type of movies that spoil the entire young genration.

  • Anantha Mahalingam

    Good Movie

  • Rajesh Ravisankar


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