Kadaisi Bench Karthi

Director: Ravi Bhargavan • Music: K Vijay • Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins

What happens when two contrasting lead characters - the hero with a flirtatious, happy-go-lucky attitude and the heroine with a far-sighted, determined ideology - fall in love with each other.

CBFC:A Actors: Angana Roy, Bharath Srinivasan, Ruhani Sharma Year: 2017

Member Reviews

  • RAM V

    this is what Bharath has come to now a days...what a fall!!

  • Praveen Chackrapani


  • Suresh Kumar

    Waste of time !

  • Sridhar R


  • MANJUNATH Balaraju

    2017-11-17 20:52:10:

  • Sreekanth Swaminathan


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