Director: Micheal Arun • Music: Shawn Jazeel • Duration: 2 hrs 06 mins

How a loving couple Aadhi (Ajay) and Aadhira (Abhinaya), who lead a peaceful life in Bangalore, bring back their eight-year-old daughter Bhoomi (Sathanya) to normalcy after being sexually abused on her way to school forms the story.

CBFC:U Actors: Abhinaya Anand, G Kishore Kumar, Sathish Year: 2017

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    2017-05-15 17:54:38:

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    2017-05-15 17:54:39:

  • Ravi Narayanaswamy

    Good movie. Worth a watch.

  • Parthiban Jeganathan Parthiban Jeganathan

    very good movie....Our law should be re written for this kind of arrogant activities...

  • Rathan Kumar Kamarajan

    Watch Movie "HOPE" in Netflix. This movie is just a rip-off of that. Original movie is far more emotional and touching.

  • Prabakaran Thambusamy

    2017-03-31 04:48:09:

    2017-03-31 04:48:17:

  • Shankar Narayanaswamy

    2017-03-30 21:28:54:
    copy for an asian movie in netflix, very nice movie, horribly directed, so bad

  • Ramji Srinivasan

    emotional. showing the reality


    2017-03-30 17:54:43:
    Emotional movie..shows the reality of the present day justice system and the need for the laws to be re-written!
    2017-03-30 17:54:58:

  • Senthil Kasi

    Very Emotional movie,

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