Kadavul Irukkaan Kumaru

Director: M Rajesh • Music: GV Prakash Kumar • Duration: 2 hrs 19 mins

On the eve of his wedding with Priya (Nikki Galrani), a happy-go-lucky Kumar (GV Prakash) decides to go on a road trip to Pondicherry along with his best friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) to celebrate the last bachelor trip. However, a topsy-turvy turn of events make Kumar and Balaji's trip a nightmare. 

CBFC:U/A Actors: Anandhi, GV Prakash Kumar, Nikki Galrani Year: 2016

Member Reviews

  • Vasan Subbiah

    2017-01-01 20:09:21:


    Time pass movie. Not as bad as everyone says. One time watch.

  • Jaganlal T

    just a time pass movie, no logic, some scenes can be cut. can watch once to kill time. its not as bad as people say.
    2017-01-12 18:43:51:

  • Sunil Thiruvenkadam

    Mokka Flim... Not a typical Rajesh flim... No good comedy where you can bust laughing... Got disappointed

  • santhos vijayakumar

    Horrible ..Out dated director with useless actor

  • Mani subramanian

    This is the 3rd movie I am watching of GVP which is useless. He should probably stick with music direction

  • Dhanu Suresh Sankaranarayanan

    Stay away from this movie


    padamada edukuringa

  • vivek gangadharan

    what a terrible waste of time !!!! Stay Away .....


    Stay Away !

  • Arulraj Joseph Ponnudurai

    2016-12-09 18:42:38:

  • milhan milhan

    2016-12-08 18:45:00:

    2016-12-08 18:45:00:

    2016-12-08 18:45:01:

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