Director: Gopu Balaji • Music: Subesh Murali • Duration: 1 hrs 54 mins 54 sec

Sarathy and Aniba Haasan are deeply in love with each other despite hailing from different religions. Their village and its inhabitants are staunch believers in the institution of caste and they are totally against the duo. However, Sarathy and Aniba Haasan get married against everyone's opposition and eventually declared as outcasts by the village men. But a seemingly ardent fundamentalist who is on the brink of completing his jail term is keen on murdering the couple. The reason behind his anger and the survival of the couple forms the rest of the story.

CBFC:U/A Actors: Ansiba Hassan, Ganja Karuppu, Sarathy Natesan Year: 2015

Member Reviews

  • Dhamodhran Krishnan Krishnan

    Good movie against the caste system and the evil effects... When we are young, we prefer love. When we are grown up, we are afraid that our kids may end up with wrong people. Of course, there are good and bad people. Both the hero and heroine acted very well...

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