We are committed to protecting our customers' information and we understand that privacy of your information is a significant responsibility. Our Privacy Policy is documented to inform you about the information we collect and how we use it.When you communicate with us, we collect information from you that we use to deliver, provide, change, bill, monitor and maintain your services. This information is also used to resolve issues with your order, with our services, or with your account. The information we collect may include your name, addresses, and other contact information; the reason for the contact; and any other details to complete payments. We use this information to establish and maintain your customer account and billing records, provide services to you, authenticate you, and contact you about products and services that we offer.

When you contact us or we contact you with calls, e-mail, in writing, or through a feature on our websites or in our applications, we may monitor or record that communication or keep a record of the transaction to help us provide high-quality customer service.

We collect information about your use of our services and sites. Information such as websites visited, location, application and feature usage, network traffic data, product information, options you choose, mobile and devices usage, video streaming and video packages and usage, movie rental and purchase data, and other similar information may be used for billing purposes, to deliver and maintain services, or to help you with service-related issues or questions. In addition, this information may be used for purposes such as providing you with information about service enhancements, determining your eligibility for new services, and marketing to you based on your use of services. This information may also be used to manage and protect our networks, services and users from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; and help us improve our services. When you establish an online account with us, we maintain information about your user identification and password. This information is used to identify you when you log in to your account.

When you browse websites, information is collected about your device and your visit. We also collect data about your browsing, searching and renting activity as you interact with our sites. We may collect and use your IP address, device number, account information, web addresses of the sites you come from and go to next and information about your connection, including your device's browser, operating system, platform type and Internet connection speed. We use this information for operational and performance measurement purposes including monitoring statistics such as how many people visit our websites; which pages people visit on our sites; how much time is spent on each page or; which browsers are used to visit our sites.

We may send you emails that communicate information about your account or about services, marketing offers, or promotions that may be of interest to you. When you open our email or click on links within these emails, we may collect and retain information to provide you with future communications that may be more interesting to you. Please note that we'll not ask you to send us, via email, sensitive personal or account information.

We work hard to protect personal information that we collect and store, however no program is 100% secure and we cannot guarantee that our safeguards will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use or disclose personal information. We maintain security and incident response plans to handle incidents involving unauthorized access to private information we collect or store.

If you become aware of a security issue, please contact our security control center at We will work with you to address any problems.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy, so please check back periodically for changes. You will be able to see that changes have been made by checking to see the effective date posted at the end of the policy.