As most of us who have hailed from India and settled in a foreign land, we miss our tradition and the fun of watching South Indian movies which was part of our culture we grew up with. With limited choices, due to our passion, we have been watching movies from different sites even when the quality of these movies are very poor (with annoying number of ads, inappropriate videos popping out. Needless to say, most of these sites are streaming movies illegally (pirated versions). We really felt like we were watching something that weren't supposed to be watched.

With our passion to South Indian cinemas, a group of us is on a mission to bring the South Indian movies legally to you in highest quality so you and your family can enjoy the great experience of watching movies that you have been missing. Our goal is to bring movies to you at an affordable price at the highest quality. We also want to show our support to regional movie industries so that better movies are made.

We are going to bring new movies every week, and we want you to pay less than a dollar for these movies for your entire family. As we continue to buy new movies, we will also bring movies released in past year or even older movies eventually building the largest South Indian movie catalog. To make this vision a reality, we need your support. And here is how you can support us.

You'll have option to choose monthly subscription or rent movies individually at an even lower price. However we ask our viewers to sign up for monthly subscription so you can watch as many movies as you want for one low affordable monthly price. We strongly believe that we can have you as happy customers only as long as we provide quality services and stream enough movies every month and not by any contracts or commitments. That's why there is no commitment or contract associated with this subscription, and you can cancel the service anytime if you aren't happy.